and their children, Tyson, Shayden, Kaden, and MaKayla


Shelby and Malissa's son Kaden, who is 12, has cerebral palsy. Due to his prematurity and damage at birth to his brain, Kaden cannot stand or walk and is unable to use his right hand very well. He uses a wheelchair to get around.  Past circumstances and Kaden’s needs have made buying a home quite tricky and finding a rental that is accommodating has proven very difficult. They are so grateful for this opportunity to be able to build a home through Habitat for Humanity. They are a hardworking family that is dedicated to their church and community and love to help those around them.



"When my oldest son was younger, he told me he was going to build us a house to live in and it was going to have a blue door!  This house was to become our home where we would live, and all our dreams would come true.  I told him not to worry about such things.

I made a vow to myself that day, that we would have a house someday, somehow.  Now thanks to Habitat this is going to be a reality.  My children will be free to play and grow as children do and not concern themselves with grown up things, like stability and security."

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