Habitat NU moves North

Habitat is happy to announce they are starting a home in Tremonton. We are lucky to have a beautiful partner family. Shelby and Malissa Freeze have been married for just over six years and have a “yours, mine, ours” family. Tyson is 14, Shayden and Kaden are both 12, and then they have a daughter together….MaKayla, who is 5. Kaden was born three months early and has cerebral palsy. He has had over 30 surgeries. Due to his prematurity and damage at birth to his brain, Kaden cannot stand or walk and is unable to use his right hand very well. He uses a wheelchair to get around.

Past circumstances and Kaden’s needs have made buying a home quite tricky and finding a rental that is accommodating has proven very difficult. They are so grateful for this opportunity to be able to build a home through Habitat for Humanity. They are a hardworking family that is dedicated to their church and community and love to help those around them. We are excited to get started on a home that will be accommodating and make life easier for Kaden and his family. They will have a room dedicated to providing all the essential items Kaden needs for his condition. This family has worked hard to be prepared to build this house with Habitat, and we are so glad it is finally time to start building their home.

If you would like to volunteer or donate in any way, please contact Habitat for Humanity. The information is on the attached website. We have so many wonderful volunteers that help this program move forward. Because of the help of people like you, whole neighborhoods improve and completely transform. Through this transformation, families achieve the strength, stability, and independence they need to build a better life. We will continue to provide safe, decent, and affordable housing and hope you join us in our efforts.

This is the home we just finished in Brigham city. Sarah was so happy to be in her house before Christmas. Thanks so much to all the many volunteers.

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