Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is a big concern. It is great to see that we are trying to help our service personnel. This statement was in the BE News and journal; this will be a massive benefit to our community if we can make it happen.

“A 39-acre parcel of county-owned land located south of Bear River City could possibly become a steeply-discounted housing development for people working in what the county deems “critical services,” if a Box Elder County Commissioner gets his way. Those professions could include law enforcement personnel, medical technicians, firefighters, and even teachers, according to Commissioner Stan Summers, who says that many of the newer people providing these services are being priced out of the local housing market. “We had 15 percent growth last year in the housing market in Box Elder County,” said Summers. “It’s a little crazy”

The housing crisis is not just hitting Box Elder county; it is happening across Utah, and we need to find some solutions to our problem. Our wages are not increasing as quickly as the price of homes. Which causes the dream of becoming homeowners a real problem for many. The statement below is also from the article.

“Housing affordability in Utah, over the long-term, is threatened due to the gap between the annual real rate of increase in housing prices annually of 3.32 percent and the annual real rate of increase in household income of 0.36 percent. In Utah, housing prices increase much faster than incomes, consequently, many households face high levels of housing cost burdens,” reads the study."

As we try to find a way to help our community, I hope more ideas like this get put out on the table and that we consider these proposals. If we can improve our critical services professionals living situations and provide a safe, affordable place for them to live, they are more likely to stay in our community.

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